Being Friends Together

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Journeys in the Spirit

Journeys in the Spirit offers resources and ideas to Quakers engaging with children and young people. It is published by Children & Young People's Staff Team, Quaker Life. Back issues are freely available from the Being Friends Together website. If you can't find what you're looking for please contact Subscribe for free to have access to current issues by going to

1. Being in the world together

Considering what we understand by Quaker testimony, how we discern and respond to leadings, speak and act in faithfulness to our testimonies and ground our witness in worship, with pathways including economic justice, peace and sustainability.

2. Growing as community together

Looking at how we create and nurture healthy community in our meetings, preparing and taking responsibility for leadership and ministry, exploring our Quaker identity and knowing one another better in things eternal and everyday.

3. Deepening the life of the Spirit together

Looking at Quaker spirituality and how it can transform us, including exploring different approaches to spiritual practice and discernment, and focussing on the importance of Quaker worship in all its aspects.

4. Exploring our living tradition together

Exploring the living Quaker tradition, including our theology, roots in Christianity and current diversity, our understandings of Jesus and the Bible, our history, origins and stories of Friends.

Reading Quaker faith & practice

Exploring Quaker faith & practice through a series of reading and reflection sessions that cover every chapter. Discovering together how our book of discipline can speak to our condition and deepen our spiritual lives.