Being Friends Together

Search by Keywords
To search the pathways

Select from the lists given:

  • what you would like to focus on a theme
  • how you would like to learn together - a learning approach
  • who is in your group - the people, for example adults or all age, newcomers or experienced Friends

You can only select one theme at a time in the first search box.

Then it's up to you whether you add filters for 'how' and 'who'. You can add one or more of these filters.

You can remove filters by clicking on the cross next to the name of the category you wish to remove.

If you select multiple filters and it doesn't reduce the number of results, then all the pathways shown have activities which match your criteria. If this happens, click on one of the pathways to explore further.

To search for a single session by keyword

Type a word or short phrase you want to search by in the keyword search box and/or select words from the keyword cloud to use in your search. The size and colour of a word in the cloud is random, and the words in the cloud change each time you return to the search page.

To search by catalogue number

Type the catalogue number for the pathway, option or individual resource that you are looking for into the Catalogue number search box.

Each pathway, option and individual resource has its own unique catalogue number, displayed in the top right corner of the screen (and included in option titles). So, this search is a quick way to find something that you have used before or following a recommendation from a friend.