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About pathways

Pathways, steps and options

As you scroll down a pathway page, you will see that each pathway is made up of a number of linked steps designed to help you progress in your learning about the topic, with several options for learning activities at each step. Some options will be more suited to adults working alone, some to children or young people, and some for all ages together.

It is up to you whether you follow the steps or use the materials as you feel led, and you can always choose to do more than one learning activity from a particular step.

When you click on an option from the list it will expand and show you all the resources that are part of that option or needed for that session. Click again on the option title to close it.

There are four main types of resources:

  • text based resources: click 'view' to preview these in the 'BFT viewer' (which will open in a new tab) or 'download' them as pdfs. If you are using a screen reader you will need to download any pdf file and then open it to read it.
  • links to material on other websites: clicking 'view' will usually take you direct to that online material (opening in a new tab) but occasionally you will come to a BFT information page which has further instructions, for example 'Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Cosmic Walk'.'
  • video resources: clicking 'view' will either take you to an embedded video player within Being Friends Together (which you can enlarge to full screen) or to the relevant page on another website where you will need to click on the video title, depending what kind of website is hosting the video.
  • audio resources: click 'download' to download the mp3 file to your computer.

Catalogue numbers

Each pathway, option and individual resource in Being Friends Together has its own unique catalogue number, displayed in the top right corner of the screen (and included in option titles). A quick way to find something that you have used before or following a recommendation from a friend is to search for it using its catalogue number: click on 'Catalogue Number Search' at the very top of the screen on any page of Being Friends Together, then type the catalogue number for the pathway, option or individual resource that you are looking for into the search box.

Offering a range of ideas to use with young people in a Quaker context, during a weekend event or a series of sessions. This youth edition is for 12 – 18-year-olds.
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Journeys in the Spirit: Youth Work Edition

This gives anintroduction to Journeys in the Spirit. It outlines the structure and format and gives ideas on how to use Journeys in a range of settings. 

Journeys in the Spirit: Youth Work Edition

This edition focuses on the subject of Gender Identity and aims to help those working with young people in Quaker contexts to explore more on this issue. 

 Issue 36: Gender Identity
 Issue 36: Additional Resources - Starting Points
 Issue 36: Additional Resources -Reflection Points
 Issue 36: Additional Resources - Listening Points
 Issue 36: Additional Resources - Talking Points
Journeys in the Spirit: Youth Work Edition

This edition of Journeys in the Spirit is allabout the kinds of reasons that mean people need to leave their homes.  It will also look at how Quakers and othersare helping create places of sanctuary, in Britain and around the world.

 Issue 33: Sanctuary Everywhere
 Issue 33: Additional Resources - Reflection Points
 Issue 33: Additional Resources - Starting points
 Issue33: Additional Resources - Starting points
 Issue 33: Additional Resources - Talking Points
 Issue 33: Additional Resources - Worship points
Journeys in the Spirit: Youth Work Edition

This issue looks at how we can protect the mostvulnerable in society. It considers the forces at play that are increasing the number of children going hungry, and how we can take action to stop this.

 Issue 32: Ending Hunger
 Issue 32: Additional Resources - Starting Points
 Issue 32: Additional Resources - Starting Points
 Issue 32: Additional Resources - Starting Points
 Issue 32: Additional Resources - Reflection Points
 Issue 32: Additional Resources - Reflection Points
 Issue 32: Additional Resources - Listening Points

This issue reflects the theme of Yearly Meeting Gathering in 2017, seeking to offer a variety of approaches and ideas to encourage young people to explore how they can join with others to make change happen. It recognises that change happens and lasts when people come together and stay together. The underlying message is that change does not need to rely on the powerful, but that we all can be part of it. For Quakers the way things are done is as important as what is achieved and this is reflected in the approaches suggested.

 Issue 31: Working with others to make a difference
 Issue 31: Additional Resources - Reflection Points
 Issue 31: Additional Resources - Reflection Points
 Issue 31: Additional Resources - Talking Points
 Issue 31: Additional Resources - Talking Points
 Issue 31: Additional Resources - Listening Points
 Issue 31: Additional Resources - Viewing Points
 Issue 31: Additional Resources - Action Points
 Issue 31: Additional Resources - Action Points
 Issue 31: Additional Resources - Worship Points
 Issue 31: Additional Resources - Ending Points

This issue is the second oftwo issues encouraging young people to read the current edition of Quaker faith & practice. It encouragesengagement with chapters 1, 24, 25, 26, and 27, drawing on study materials provided for Quaker meetings. It hopes to provide a chance to engage with the ideas and experiences of Quakers contained within Quaker faith & practice, and an opportunity to consider howthese fit with personally held beliefs and contemporary Quakerism.

 Issue 30: Reading Quaker Faith & Practice
 Issue 30: Additional Resources - Ending Points
 Issue 30: Additional Resources - Gathering Points
 Issue 30: Additional Resources - Reflection Points
 Issue 30: Additional Resources - Reflection Points
 Issue 30: Additional Resources - Starting Points
 Issue 30: Additional Resources - Starting Points
 Issue 30: Additional Resources - Talking Points
 Issue 30: Additional Resources - Viewing Points
Journeys in the Spirit: Youth Work Edition

This issue intends to encourage young Quakers to read Quaker faith & practice, encouragingan engagement with chapters 2, 20, 21 and 23. It draws on the study material produced for Quaker meetings within the Being Friends Together resource bank. It hopes that young Quakers will be drawn into the wealth of insight that is within Quaker faith & practice.

 Issue 29: Reading Quaker Faith & Practice
 Issue 29: Additional Resources - Reflection Points
 Issue 29: Additional Resources - Starting Points
 Issue 29: Additional Resources - Worship Points
 Issue 29: Additional Resources - Action Points

The Unseen March is a filmcreatedby Quaker Peace and Social witnesstoencourage debate about the militarisation of education. This issue seeks toengage young Quakers in this debate. It aims to encourage young Quakers to consider their values, explore the arguments and consider how they can act in the situations they find themselves in.

 Issue 27: The Unseen March
 Issue 27: Additional Resources - Change Makers
 Issue 27: Additional Resources - Visualisation
 Issue 27: Additional Resources - Student Uprising
 Issue 27: Additional Resources - Forgiveness and Reconciliation
 Issue 27: Additional Resources - Virtues
 Issue 27: Additional Resources - Jean Paul Samputu
 Issue 27: Additional Resources - Signs
 Issue 27: Additional Resources - Prayer for peace and harmony
Journeys in the Spirit: Youth Work Edition

This issue encourages young people to identify effective approaches for Quakers individually and cooperatively to bring about changes in the world.  While we undoubtedly live in a world that is unjust, it is hard for us all to know what we might do about this. In the old testament of the Bible, the prophet Micah called for people to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with their God. The activities in this issue set out to enable young people to consider justice within the context of mercy and humility.  

 Issue 26: Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Acting for Justice
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Simulation
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Bearing Witness
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Micah 6-8
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Quotations
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Ekta Parishad
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - The Great Picnic
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Are You There?
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Change Makers
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Gifts
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Fact or Fiction Quiz
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Poverty in the UK
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - This Light That Pushes Me
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - What You Might Do
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Freedom Writers
 Issue 26: Additional Resources - Justice, Mercy and Humility

This issue offers some ways to introduce young people to the topic of nuclear weapons and share stories and messages from Hibakusha (survivors) who are still alive and working for peace. It suggests activities to help you examine with young people the reality of nuclear weapons in today’s world, and how they can take part in the movement to ensure a permanent global ban.  

 Issue 25: Hiroshima & Nagasaki – 70 years on
 Issue 25: Additional Resources - How might you feel?
 Issue 25: Additional Resources - Sadako's Story
 Issue 25: Additional Resources - Images of Home
 Issue 25: Additional Resources - A Debate
 Issue 25: Additional Resources - Banning the Bomb
 Issue 25: Additional Resources - Quotes
Journeys in the Spirit: Youth Work Edition