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Pathways, steps and options

As you scroll down a pathway page, you will see that each pathway is made up of a number of linked steps designed to help you progress in your learning about the topic, with several options for learning activities at each step. Some options will be more suited to adults working alone, some to children or young people, and some for all ages together.

It is up to you whether you follow the steps or use the materials as you feel led, and you can always choose to do more than one learning activity from a particular step.

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Catalogue numbers

Each pathway, option and individual resource in Being Friends Together has its own unique catalogue number, displayed in the top right corner of the screen (and included in option titles). A quick way to find something that you have used before or following a recommendation from a friend is to search for it using its catalogue number: click on 'Catalogue Number Search' at the very top of the screen on any page of Being Friends Together, then type the catalogue number for the pathway, option or individual resource that you are looking for into the search box.

Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition

This gives an introduction to Journeys in the Spirit. It outlines the structure and format and gives ideas on how to use Journeys in a range of settings. 

Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Journeys with 0-4 year olds

The guide for using Journeys in the Spirit with 0-4 year-olds offers ideas, resources, and frameworks to encourage and equip volunteers working with this age group in Quaker Meetings. 

Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Topical Activities

Topical activities are based on current news of interest, or seasonal events, and are published every alternate month.

This Topical Activity looks at slowing down and finding time to just be.

 Summer's Here

With social media and 24 hour news children can get overloaded with information about world events and much of it isn’t good news. Rather than feeling helpless to change things, doing something positive can help children feel like they can make a difference — that they have the ability to make a positive impact, at any age. This issue looks at some children who saw a need and decided to work towards changing those situations. 

 Children helping Children

Thistopical activity looks at what we understand by hope. What is hope? Is it about our dreams? Our wishes? Is it what we hang on to when life is difficult, sad or when everything seems dark?


ThisTopical Activity looks at Earth Day and its impact on our world and how our faith can inspire and equip us to care for the earth.

 Earth Day

This Topical Activity focuses on Refugee week. The current situation for forced migrants is the result of war, exploitation, and racism. As Quakers, we seek solutions that are rooted in care for human lives. This activity could be used as a semi programmed All Age Worship plan or in children’s meeting.

 Refugee week

This Topical Activity uses the story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ to focus on Christmas, and offers meetings some ways to help children wonder, learn and share in the transforming power of love and use the gifts they have to help others.

 Let Your Light Shine

February is the month when we celebrate Valentine’s Day - a time whenpeople send cards, gifts, chocolates and flowers to those they love.

This Topical Activity looksat love and how we love those around us - those easy to love and those who are not so easy. It looks at the things that we can do to show our love.
 What is Love

This Topical activity reflected the theme of the posters produced for Quaker week October 2016 – Inspired by Faith.

 Inspired by Faith

This Topical Activity encourages us to recharge our batteries and find God in the small things.

 Rest and Relaxation

This Topical Activity aims to engage children inthe process of thinking about ‘Quaker faith & practice’, what it contains, and how it is periodically revised. This is in conjunction with the work of The Book of Discipline Revision Preparation Group, encouraging Quakers across the country in reading and getting to know our current Book of Discipline. To this end, a reading calendar has been devised, running from October 2015 to April 2017.

 Quaker Faith & Practice

This Topical Activity has been put together in an attempt togain contributions from children for a leaflet that Quaker children can share with their friends, to explain more about what being a Quaker means to them. We hope it also offers some ways to help children learn and wonder what it means for them to be a Quaker. 

 This Light That Pushes Me

This Topical Activity aims to encourage discussion aboutpeace and what we can do to create peace in personal situations, communities, and the wider world. It will try and help us understand why people have un-peaceful feelings. It also encourages us to wonder about ‘the light thatpushes us’ and how the need to be a peacemaker comes from deep within.

 Being a Quaker

This Topical Activity focuses on Christmas and uses the story Papa Panov, originally written in French by Ruben Saillens, then translated into English by Leo Tolstoy, to help children think about how they might help others. It is a thoughtful story, based on the Bible text 'I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me water' which Jesus used to illustrate how we should live out our faith by helping each other. The story of Papa Panov is an excellent way to introduce young children to the principles of kindness.

 Helping Others

The Book of Discipline Preparation Group have invited all Friends to read and reflect on the current Quaker Faith & Practice, so that together we are more prepared to consider whether it is time to undertake a full revision. This topical activity invites children to join with this undertaking and reflect on Chapter 21 of Quaker Faith and Practice headed ‘Personal Journey’, which is the first chapter in the suggested schedule of reading.

 Personal Journeys

This Topical Activity offers some ways to help children learn about the Magna Carta. It has three elements: the story of the Magna Carta; how Quaker William Penn used it to defend himself in Court and in setting up a new country; and how it sets the scene today for thinking about the United Nations Charter for the Rights of the Child. There are activities here to be done over two or three sessions of children’s meeting.

 The Magna Carta

The ‘Fly Kites Not Drones’ campaign challenges the idea of using remote weapons and offers simple ways to get people together to challenge their use. The campaign is a group of organisations inspired by the successful international initiative run by Afghan Peace Volunteers. This Topical Activity includes a way to talk with children about drones, a role play game, a kite making activity, and links to an online resource with a range of other ideas and activities to use.

 Fly Kites Not Drones

This Topical Activity offers ways to explore and think aboutwhat Quakers mean by equality and how children might respond. 

 Thinking About Equality

This looks at the work of Avaaz, who are an internet petition and campaigning organisation. It was set up in 2007 with a simple mission: to organise citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. Avaaz means ‘voice’ in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages  Children are encouraged to think about and use these ideas.

 Three Ways to Live
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 17: Room for More

The seventeen series of Journeys in the Spirit focuses on the theme of ‘Room for More’. As Quakers, our table is already rich with good things, but who is missing. How can we let people know that there's a space for them and a space for what they bring with them?

Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 16: Finding Hope in Turbulent Times
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 15: Quaker Faith and Practice

The fifteenth series of Journeys in the Spirit focusses on ‘Quaker faith & practice’. Local meetings engaged in a programme of reading ‘Quaker faith & practice’, so that they were familiar with each chapter and could contribute to the decision of Britain Yearly Meeting about when the book should be revised.

This issue is the fifth in a series of issues which focus on Quaker faith & practice, the book of discipline of the Religious Society of Friends and looks at chapter 25  which considers the Unity of Creation.

 Issue 108: Unity of Creation Chapter 25
 Issue 108: Additional Resources
 Issue 108: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 108: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

This issue of Journeys in the Spirit is looking at Quaker faith & practice 21.36 and asks children to consider what they think of as ‘superpowers’ and how they can use their own unique qualities to be heroes in their everyday lives.

 Issue 106: Personal Journeys Chapter 21
 Issue 106: Additional Resources
 Issue 106: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 106: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

This issue is looking at chapter 23 of Quaker faith & practice – Social Responsibility. Much of the chapter is about engaging with the politics of the day, raising awareness of important issues, getting involved in helping others.

 Issue 105: Social Responsibility
 Issue 105: Additional Resources
 Issue 105: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 105: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

In this issue we look at chapter 18 of ‘Quaker faith & practice’ at a selection of the testimonies to the grace of God in the lives of the ordinary Friends who have made up the previous generations of our Society.

 Issue 104: Faithful Lives Chapter 18
 Issue 104: Additional Resources
 Issue 104: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 104: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 14: Quakers Around the World

The fourteenth series focuses on Quakers around the world.

This issue looks at the link between how we live out our faith in the world – the fruit of our Quakerism – and what nourishes and inspires it – the root of our Quakerism.

 Issue 103: Root and Fruit
 Issue 103: Additional Resources
 Issue 103: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 103: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

This issue is about how we help our children consider what leads us to take action and looks at Quakers who have actioned their conscience and also looks at how children can do the same.

 Issue 102: Taking Action
 Issue 102: Additional Resources
 Issue 102: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 102: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

This issue looks at the role of ecumenical accompaniers and at the lives of Palestinian and Israeli children and how this programme is making a difference in their lives. 

 Issue 101: Palestine and Israel
 Issue 101: Additional Resources A
 Issue 101: Additional Resources B
 Issue 101: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 101: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

This issue invites you to listen and respond to the story of the life cycle of a dandelion using all senses. The story is inclusive, and is particularly effective for people with disabilities that prevent them from communicating with spoken or written words.

 Issue 100: Seeds and Senses
 Issue 100: Additional Resources
 Issue 100: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 100: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

This issue aims to introduce issues around diversity, discrimination and unity within our local community and the wider world. 

 Issue 99: Part of the Global Community
 Issue 99: Additional Resources
 Issue 99: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 99: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

This issue aims to help children see how being a Quaker can be adventurous, challenging and exciting. What does it mean to Live Adventurously?


 Issue 98: Living Adventurously
 Issue 98: Additional Resources
 Issue 98: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 98: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 13: Living as a Quaker

The thirteenth series focuses on what it means to be living as a Quaker.

This issue answers questions about what Quakers did when force and violence was required by society and how they coped with the wars of the twentieth century and explain show Quakers came to be awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1947.

 Issue 97: Nobel Peace Prize
 Issue 97: Additional Resources
 Issue 97: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 97: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

This issue offers ways to use elements of Advice 1:19, about children and young people in meeting, as ways of encouraging what the Advice urges us to do. 

 Issue 95: Advices & Queries 19
 Issue 95: Additional Resources
 Issue 95: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 95: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 95: Topical Activity - Think about a new year

This issue offers ways to help children explore and use the Quaker business method as a way of working together and making decisions. 

 Issue 94: Quaker Business Method
 Issue 94: Additional Resources
 Issue 94: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 94: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 94: Topical Activity - Zebra crossing beacons

At Woodbrooke Quaker Study centre there is a course for adult Friends called ‘Equipping for Ministry’. This enables Friends to explore and develop what ministry is for them. This issue offers ways to explore a similar approach with children. Much of this issue is about ways into worship and then going beyond that into exploring what meeting for worship is and the affect it can have.

 Issue 93: Equipping Children for Ministry
 Issue 93: Additional Resources
 Issue 93: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 93: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 93: Topical Activity - Climate change warriors

This issue looks at the story of Margaret Fell, one of the founders of Quakerism, and how she helped shape the way Quakers look after each other today. She has been called ‘the Mother of Quakerism’ but as well as her direct work for Friends she was a prolific writer,  witness for women in the emerging Quaker movement drawing, for both these strands, on a deep Biblical knowledge and vision.

 Issue 92: Looking After Each Other & Making Links
 Issue 92: Additional Resources
 Issue 92: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 92: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 92: Topical Activity - Climate change actions

This issue aims to introduce to children the matter of difference in lifestyle and values, and explore how children may recognise, understand and stay true to their values while at the same time respecting and interacting with others who may not share these, and may challenge their choice to stick by them. 

 Issue 91: How Differently Quakers Live
 Issue 91: Additional Resources
 Issue 91: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 91: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 91: Topical Activity - Science and fun

In this issue there are ways to work with children to look at what it means to live a transformed and transforming life, thinking about how the Light within can change us and at how carrying the Light with us can also change the world. There are ways to help children think about how being a Quaker can bring light into their lives through worship and through relationships with others in meeting and the wider Quaker community. 

 Issue 90: Living in the Light - a transformed and transforming life
 Issue 90: Additional Resources
 Issue 90: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 90: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 90: Topical Activity - Gaza
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 12: YMG 2014

The twelfth series was made for Yearly Meeting Gathering 2014 and explores what it means to be a Quaker today. The explorations continue to be useful in all sorts of settings.

This issue suggests ways to engage with children’s deep concerns and their wish to actually do something and to be supported in an age appropriate way to bring about change.

 Issue 89: I Change the World
 Issue 89: Additional Resources
 Issue 89: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 89: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 89: Topical Activity - Kites not drones

This issue explores how we are all part of the world family of Friends – especially when we have an opportunity of meeting or gathering together and growing in the spirit. One way that this happens is at a residential Yearly Meeting Gathering but it might equally be Meeting for Worship on a Sunday, a different residential event, or even area meeting. 

 Issue 88: Quakers Get Together
 Issue 88: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 88: Additional Resources
 Issue 88: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 88: Topical Activity - Some playground games

This issue offers some suggestions to help children explore what it means to themto be a Quaker. Children will have diverse experiences of being a Quaker and coming to Quaker meeting. This offers ways to help children reflect on their experiences. 

 Issue 87: Being a Quaker as a Child
 Issue 87: Additional Resources
 Issue 87: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 87: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 87: Topical Activity - A silly tea party
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 11: Quakers, Work, and Business

The eleventh series focuses on how Quakers think about the work and businesses they might be involved in.

This issue is about Mary Phillips, a Quaker shopkeeper with strong social concerns who grew up on a farm in Tottenham. Many early Quakers were small-scale farmers owning the land they worked or renting small farms. Tithes, confiscation of animals and goods, and imprisonment for non-payment made it more difficult to continue with farming. Many early Quakers moved off the farms to develop their businesses and then flourished; Mary was one of them. 

 Issue 86: Mary Elizabeth Phillips, farmer to shop owner
 Issue 86: Additional Resources
 Issue 86: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 86: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 86: Links to resources and organisations
 Issue 86: Topical Activity 1 - Easter story
 Issue 86: Topical Activity 2 - Design your own QPSW poster

This issue looks at one particular business, how it started, and what Friends did to make it succeed. This includes looking at some details of the life of George Cadbury and members of his family. In common with lots of people who are held up as ‘Quaker heroes’, the story of Cadbury’s is not simple or without difficulties or struggle.

 Issue 85: George Cadbury, a chocolatier
 Issue 85: Additional Resources
 Issue 85: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 85: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 85: Topical Activity - Easter and eggs part 1

This issue is about the botanist illustrator Sydney Parkinson born in Scotland in 1745- one of many Quaker botanists and gardeners.  This type of work suited their concern for the natural world and the environment, and their desire for work that was useful and had social value (this has been called ‘innocent trades’ as opposed to heavy industry such as at Coalbrookdale). Quakers had a belief that finding out about, looking at creation brought them closer to the God.

 Issue 84: Sydney Parkinson, a botanist
 Issue 84: Additional Resources
 Issue 84: Topical Activity - What happens at Friends House?
 Issue 84: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 84: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 84: Links to resources and organisations

This issue is the first in a short series about how Quakers think about the work and business they might be involved in. The series has three issues about some historic Quaker businesses and reflections on what children think about work. When these issues refer to work it isn’t just about employment – it is about what people are doing in the world to live, to help, to create, and to transform.

 Issue 83: An Introduction
 Issue 83: Additional Resources
 Issue 83: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 83: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 83: Topical Activity - Help the Beaver Lake Cree nation
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 10: Feelings

The tenth series focuses on exploring feelings.

Grief can be felt about a person, an animal, an object, or a place. It is a big mixed up feeling. This issue aims to open up conversations and play to help children know more about grief. 

 Issue 82: Talking About Grief
 Issue 82: Additional Resources
 Issue 82: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 82: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 82: Links to further resources
 Issue 82: Topical Activity - Help in terrible storm

Jealousy is an emotion that most children are familiar with, either one that they feel themselves or that they are aware others feel about them. In younger children feelings of jealousy can spring from their belief that they have been treated unjustly, older children may struggle with a sense that their self-worth is being threatened. This issue uses Bible stories and offers activities, to help think about this feeling. 

 Issue 81: Talking About Jealousy
 Issue 81: Additional Resources
 Issue 81: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 81: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 81: Topical Activity - Some outdoor games for fun

Happiness is one of those words that means different things to different people. This issue looks at alternative views to the idea that life is just about happiness and also looks at what makes people happy.

 Issue 80: Talking About Happiness
 Issue 80: Additional Resources
 Issue 80: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 80: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 80: Links to further resources
 Issue 80: Topical Activity - Animals set free

This issue looks at the difficult, and sometimes complex, issue of fear. This issue can help children explore fear and perhaps understand and accept it a little better.

 Issue 79: Talking About Fear
 Issue 79: Additional Resources
 Issue 79: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 79: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 79: Topical Activity - Quaker faith & practice review

Love is more than personal and yet it is what, in a way, wraps around everything that is personal. Love is also what is at the heart of the Quaker way in the world – not sentimental love, but a deep caring for that of God, of the possibility of love in each person. This issue offers a variety of ways to explore what love means with children.

 Issue 78: Talking About Love
 Issue 78: Additional Resources
 Issue 78: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 78: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 78: Topical Activity - Make your own God bag

Anger is an emotion most of us will experience regularly in our lives. It can be a taboo in families, schools, and Quaker meetings. This issue gives ways to talk,and sing, about anger and how it is a very important feeling to help us change the world. 

 Issue 77: Talking About Anger
 Issue 77: Additional Resources
 Issue 77: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 77: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 77: Topical Activity - Avaas petitions and children

There is something very natural about the desire to protect children from sadness, but what we rarely do is just to sit with a child, acknowledge the seriousness of their sadness, and simply talk about the feeling with them. This offers ways to do this and ways feel more comfortable with sadness. 

 Issue 76: Talking About Sadness
 Issue 76: Additional Resources
 Issue 76: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 76: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 76: Topical Activity - Meeting for worship for all ages
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 9: Difficult Questions

The ninth series focuses on exploring difficult questions.

This issue is about how we react to the use of animals for scientific research aimed at improving the lives of humans and other animals. It asks us to reflect upon how we see the position of animals in relation to us, particularly, where we stand on the question of the rights of animals when they come into contact with humankind and our needs. It does contain a story that might be difficult for some to hear but this is a powerful and interesting issue. 

 Issues 75: Using Animals in Science
 Issue 75: Additional Resources
 Issue 75: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 75: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 75: Topical Activity - Global warming and the XL pipeline

How can we help children to talk about what it means to be a Quaker? How can we help them find simple, clear language? How can we encourage them (and each other) to be confident about being different? This issue gives ways to help children explore, develop, and critique their Quaker identity

 Issue 74: How can I talk about being a Quaker?
 Issue 74: Additional Resources
 Issue 74: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 74: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 74: Topical Activity - Meringues for Meeting

This topic offers children an opportunity to discuss in a safe place whether rules are always good, what to do when they, or someone else, breaks the rule, and when it is right to break a rule.

 Issue 73: When is it right to break the rules?
 Issue 73: Additional Resources
 Issue 73: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 73: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 73: Topical Activity - Food banks

This issue looks at other religions and asks questions about what is similar or different. This may also lead us to other questions like - who are we? This issue offers intriguing and different ways to explore this with children.

 Issue 72: Other Religions
 Issue 72: Additional Resources
 Issue 72: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 72: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

This issue looks at violence. We talk and think about peace, pacifism, and the gentle side of our nature but looking at violence is more problematic, yet we live in a violent world. This issue helps explore with children questions about violence. 

 Issue 71: What About Violence?
 Issue 71: Additional Resources
 Issue 71: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 71: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 71: Topical Activity - Looking forward in a new year
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 8: The Five Senses

The eighth series focuses on exploring the five senses.

We use our eyes in almost every activity we perform, whether reading, playing, watching television, writing a letter, or in lots of other ways. We use our eyes to give us information about our environment from the moment that we wake up. This issue has stories and fun activities as ways to think and find out about the sense of sight.

 Issue 70: Sight
 Issue 70: Additional Resources
 Issue 70: Easy to Use Plan
 Issue 70: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 70: Links to resources and organisations
 Issue 70: Topical Activity - Quaker message about Gaza

The sense of taste is linked with that of smell and sight, especially colour. Taste is essential to pleasure, safety, and memory. This issue offers stories and activities for children to explore their sense of taste. 

 Issue 69: Taste
 Issue 69: Additional Resources
 Issue 69: Easy to Use Plan
 Issue 69: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 69: Topical Activity - Good King Wenceslas and helping others

We are surrounded by sounds, some are just there and some we listen to deliberately; what about silence and quiet? There are lots of ways in this issue to enjoy and wonder at our hearing. 

 Issue 68: Hearing
 Issue 68: Additional Resources
 Issue 68: Easy to Use Plan
 Issue 68: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 68: Topical Activity - Neve Shalom/Wahat-al-salaam

Our sense of smell is 20,000 times stronger than our sense of taste. This issue looks at smell and danger, smell and pleasure, as well as smell and memory in ways that are fun, interesting and also personal. 

 Issue 67: Smell
 Issue 67: Additional Resources
 Issue 67: Easy to Use Plan
 Issue 67: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 67: Topical Activity - Something different for Remembrance Day

There is a whole world of discovery available through touch: feeling different textures, feeling warm sand between the toes, the soothing feel of a warm bath, the rough bark of a tree, or the softness of velvet. This issue gives all sorts of ways to play with and think about touch. 

 Issue 66: Touch
 Issue 66: Additional Resources
 Issue 66: Easy to Use Plan
 Issue 66: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 66: Topical Activity - Palestinian child prisoners
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 7: Some Bible Stories

The seventh series focuses on exploring some Bible stories.

The story in this issue provides opportunities for children to develop their own views, feelings, and thoughts about Jesus and what he thought about children. 

 Issue 65: The Story of Jesus and the Children
 Issue 65: Additional Resources
 Issue 65: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 65: Topical Activity - Having a story day or meeting
 Issue 65: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

This issue gives ways to help children explore a story that has become simplified and sanitised. It is about love, kindness, and taking risks in several ways. For example, his sister was a slave and in real danger when she saved him, but she loved him so much she couldn’t do anything else; Moses really didn’t want to do what he felt God was asking him. 

 Issue 64: Stories About Moses
 Issue 64: Additional Resources
 Issue 64: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 64: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 64: Topical Activity - Postcards from the future (an all age worship)

A different version of the ‘feeding of the 5000’ and the role of a small child in changing how lots of people believed. 

 Issue 63: Meeting Jesus
 Issue 63: Additional Resources
 Issue 63: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 63: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 63: Topical Activity - Helping the bees

The story of David and Goliath is written in the Bible in the Old Testament, 1 Samuel 17. The stories in the Old Testament are part of a violent history of the land that stretched from Egypt, through Canaan, Mesopotamia, and Babylonia. This is a tough story that invites thinking about how people,of any age, can challenge power. 

 Issue 62: The Story of David and Goliath
 Issue 62: Additional Resources
 Issue 62: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 62: Links to resources and organisations
 Issue 62: Topical Activity - Children in Syria

There are two bible stories which have similar themes: The Lost Sheep and the Lost (Prodigal) Son. The Lost Sheep is a simpler story and may be more suitable for using with a younger age group. The Lost Son is a longer and more complex story which may be more suited for using with an older age group (8 - 12-year-olds).

 Issue 61: The Lost Sheep and the Lost Son
 Issue 61: Additional Resources
 Issue 61: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 61: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 61: Topical Activity - What do prayers look like?

The creation story can be difficult and controversial for adults as well as children. Few believe in the literal seven seven-day creation, but it can be a good basis for starting to look at where we all come from. This issue offers a very open approach to the story.

 Issue 60: The Story of Creation
 Issue 60: Additional Resources
 Issue 60: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 60: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 60: Topical Activity - Games old and new

The Bible is a big book. It’s full of stories, poetry, parables, and song. Good, sometimes astonishing, things happen in the Bible. Bad, sometimes terrible, things also happen in the Bible - just like in ordinary life. It is full of people’s struggles and difficulties, joys and sadness. 

 Issue 59: Some Bible Stories
 Issue 59: Additional Resources
 Issue 59: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 59: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 59: Topical Activity - More about tree planting
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 6: More Quaker Stories

The sixth series focuses on exploring more Quaker stories like those explored in series two.

This issue looks at the work of three Quaker scientists: Priscilla Wakefield, Kathleen Lonsdale, and Jocelyn Burnell. Priscilla was a botanist, who wrote books for children and young people. Kathleen was an expert in crystallography (the science of examining crystals). Jocelyn is an astronomer, renowned for her part in the discovery of pulsars.

 Issue 58: Three Quaker Scientists
 Issue 58: Additional Resources
 Issue 58: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 58: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 58: Topical Activity - Tree planting for feeling better

This issue tells the story of one Quaker woman who helped with the Kindertransport, Bertha Bracey. This issue shares the story of what happened to some of those children, 70 years ago. Many people alive today owe their lives to Bertha Bracey.

 Issue 57: Bertha Bracey
 Issue 57: Additional Resources
 Issue 57: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 57: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 57: Topical Activity - Fragile Earth story

Lucretia Mott was an American Quaker (1793 -1880) who was committed to living her faith in action and was very important in campaigns about the slave trade, the rights of Native Americans, education, and women’s rights.

 Issue 56: Lucretia Mott
 Issue 56: Additional Resources
 Issue 56: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 56: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 56: Topical Activity - Exploring our relationship with the Earth

Although Waldo is little-known outside Wales, both his life and his poetry are truly inspirational, with messages which are particularly poignant for Quakersof all ages. 

 Issue 55: Waldo Williams
 Issue 55: Additional Resources
 Issue 55: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 55: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 55: Topical Activity - Moving the planet day - updates

In Burlington Meeting in 1738, Benjamin Lay came in clothed as a soldier with a sword. He detailed the evils of slavery and then pierced a bible with the sword. Concealed in it was a bladder filled with red juice that splattered onto Friends sitting near him, symbolising the blood on Quakers' hands for not standing firm against slavery. This issue includes this story, and another challenging story about Ben’s anti-slavery advocacy. 

 Issue 54: Benjamin Lay
 Issue 54: Additional Resources
 Issue 54: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 54: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 54: Topical Activity - The Peace Pole project

This issue looks at the life and teachings of George Fox. This issue tries to encapsulate the story of George's life, the essence of what he believed, and how his beliefs became the foundation of Quakerism. 

 Issue 53: George Fox
 Issue 53: Additional Resources
 Issue 53: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 53: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 53: Topical Activity - What would your newspaper say?

This issue tells the story of a remarkable Quaker called John Hoyland, Jack to his friends, whose whole life was spent helping people. He was a parent, teacher, sportsman, poet, author of sixty books, and he made bears! The bear making came much later in his life. The story of the bears is used as a way to hear about Jack’s life and his work in India and Birmingham. 

 Issue 52: Jack Hoyland
 Issue 52: Additional Resources
 Issue 52: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 52: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 52: Topical Activity - Helping plan a climate change day of activity
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 5: Advices & Queries

The fifth series of the Children’s Work edition of Journeys in the Spirit focuses on exploring Advices & Queries.

Advices and queries 33 is extremely wide-ranging. It is about discrimination, social responsibility, tolerance, compassion, taking stands, being an active Quaker, and much more. This issue helps children explore what is most relevant or important to them. 

 Issue 51: Kindness and Justice
 Issue 51: Additional Resources
 Issue 51: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 51: Links to organisations and resources
 Issue 51: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 51: Topical Activity - Boycott Israeli settlement goods

These are challenging advices, dealing with concepts such as prejudice, forgiveness, reconciliation, and empathy. They look at our approach to conflict, both as individuals and as Quakers. Working with conflict is both reflective and active. It takes us deeply inside ourselves in the silence, recognising that life and power that takes away the occasion of all wars, but also the seeds of destructive conflict in ourselves. This issue offers ways to assist children with thinking about these advicesbased on children's own experience

 Issue 50: Dealing With Conflict
 Issue 50: Additional Resources
 Issue 50: Links to organisations and resources
 Issue 50: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 50: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 50: Topical Activity - An Easter hare gift box

This issue reflects on Advices and Queries 30, the only one that mentions death. While the idea of contemplating death may seem unrealistic for children, unless they are ill, all children need to know that it is acceptable to speak openly about death. 

 Issue 49: Death and Dying
 Issue 49: Additional Resources
 Issue 49: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 49: Links to organisations and resources
 Issue 49: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 49: Topical Activity - Children and Egypt

In a culture that values having 'things' almost more than anything, this issue offers ways to help children think about their views, behaviour, and what Quakers say. 

 Issue 48: The Simple Life
 Issue 48: Additional Resources A
 Issue 48: Additional Resources B
 Issue 48: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 48: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 48: Topical Activity - Teenagers in the Army

A wedding is a joyous occasion held in the presence of family and friends who witness the couples’ intention to cherish each other for life. This issue gives ways to talk to about marriage, and partnership, and how Quakers celebrate both. 

 Issue 47: Quaker Marriages & Partnerships
 Issue 47: Additional Resources
 Issue 47: Topical Activity - Children and demonstrations
 Issue 47: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 47: Links to organisations and resources
 Issue 47: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship

These are tough issues to raise with children because, as adults, we have to be careful not to moralise and create guilt. This advice fits very nicely with the Testimony to Simplicity. 

 Issue 46: What Makes Us Happy?
 Issue 46: Additional Resources
 Issue 46: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 46: Links to organisations and resources
 Issue 46: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 46: Topical Activity - Making cardboard candle gifts for Friends in Meeting

These principles relate to deep-seated Quaker beliefs. If we believe there is that of God in every person then we cannot take advantage of others by acting dishonestly. As Quakers, we see ourselves as stewards of our possessions, so that we have to act responsibly in our use of them. These are big questions for everybody; this offers ways to help children explore them. 

 Issue 45: Honesty, Truth, and Integrity
 Issue 45: Additional Resources
 Issue 45: Easy to Use Session Plan
 Issue 45: Links to organisations and resources
 Issue 45: Simple Plan for All-Age Worship
 Issue 45: Topical Activity - 350 years of the peace declaration to the King
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 4: Our Quaker Stories

The fourth series of the Children’s Work edition of Journeys in the Spirit focuses on exploring Our Quaker Stories.

This is the last issue in this series on 'Our Quaker Stories'. Here we look back over the sixteen issues and also offer some simple ways for children to think about, and record, their personal stories.

 Issue 43: Our Quaker Stories
 Issue 43: Additional Resources

This issue is about Bayard Rustin, an African-American Quaker, who expressed his faith in action, challenging inequalities, and responding to racism and prejudice non-violently. He worked closely with Martin Luther King in the organisation of the huge rally where King gave his 'I have a dream' speech. This story is not often told. 

 Issue 42: Bayard Rustin
 Issue 42: Additional Resources

Pilgrimages are journeys: they are special journeys, to special places. Where you are going and often how your travel is important. This issue focuses on pilgrimage, both for Quakers and for other faiths. 

 Issue 41: Pilgrimage
 Issue 41: Additional Resources

Imagine a time when you laid on some soft grass, looking up at the clouds, and watched the white wisps drift into identifiable shapes which then disintegrated to reform or scatter. 

 Issue 40: Luke Howard
 Issue 40: Additional Resources

The Quaker Tapestry is a visual chronicle of Quaker life through the centuries, contained within 77 large embroidered panels. Illustrated by 4000 children, women, and men, from fifteen countries between 1981 and 1996, it is now housed at the Friends Meeting House in Kendal. But how did it begin? 

 Issue 39: The Quaker Tapestry
 Issue 39: Additional Resources

Luke was a butcher. He was born in 1657. He was not from a Quaker family; he wasn’t a merchant, a landowner, or middle class. He was a noted singer of irreverent songs. He was a Quaker by convincement – not an easy thing in the late 1600s. 

 Issue 38: Luke Cock
 Issue 38: Additional Resources

John Woolman is often talked about as a Quaker "hero". If we label people as heroic it reduces what they have done, or been, to some kind of personal magic or power that the rest of us don’t have or can’t get. It can deny the struggle and suffering they have gone through to arrive at doing the thing. 

 Issue 37: John Woolman II
 Issue 37: Additional Resources

John Woolman was a Quaker born in America in 1720. Woolman has had a great influence on Quakers and American society. His Journal is a classic in American literature and documents many of his adventures.

 Issue 36: John Woolman I
 Issue 36: Additional Resources

In stories about Quakers, we can often become lost in their accomplishments and no longer see the individual with personal strengths and weaknesses, joys, and sorrows, doing their best to live their faith in action. 

 Issue 35: Betsy Gurney, Elizabeth Fry
 Issue 35: Additional Resources

This issue looks at the work of one small, Quaker-led, international non-governmental organisation (referred to as an INGO) and its work in the remote Aymara communities of North West Bolivia.

 Issue 34: Quaker Work in Bolivia
 Issue 34: Additional Resources

How do we explore the Quaker idea that there is “that of God within‟? That ofGod … inside me? ... inside you? ... inside them? Is it inside our own self, in our body? Can we live it physically, in reality, in our lives? What does “Inner light‟ really mean? Is it really that the answers can literally be found inside our own self? 

 Issue 33: Inner Stories
 Issue 33: Additional Resources

This issue focuses on one Quaker family's experience of missionary work. The Rodwell family went to China 100 years ago, with the Friends Foreign Mission in China. How Quakers organised things was very different then, although when you read some of the stories the heart of what they ended up doing was similar to what many Friends do today.

 Issue 32: One Quaker Family
 Issue 32: Additional Resources

The theme in this issue grows out of Quaker work in Burundi – a country the size of Belgium in the middle of Africa. 

 Issue 31: Burundi Stories
 Issue 31: Additional Resources

Quakers such as John Woolman showed respect for other beings, treating the animals he farmed with dignity and respect. Nowadays, a concern for our fellow sentient beings is expressed among Quakers. 

 Issue 30: Quaker Concern for Animals
 Issue 30: Additional Resources

In this issue, we are going to take you on a journey that starts by introducing you to a girl in Moscow called Marfa. We then learn about the theatre project called Krug (‘Circle’) that has supported Marfa to live a fuller life.

 Issue 29: Quakers and Russia
 Issue 29: Additional Resources

This edition of Journeys seeks to mark the Quaker role in the Kindertransport, and to tell a largely untold story of courage, generosity, and a welcome to strangers in difficult times.

 Issue 28: Quakers and Kindertransport
 Issue 28: Additional Resources

A single story can present many themes and have different meanings for each person. As you read the story, particular memories or challenges in your own life may surface in your thoughts. Children may identify with similar or different themes. 

 Issue 27: The story of Benjamin West
 Issue 27: Additional Resources
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 3: Quakers, a People of God

The third series of the Children's Work edition of Journeys in the Spirit focuses on exploring the concept of Quakers, a people of God. The issues alternate between offering ways for children to learn about, and explore, Quaker spirituality and ways to find out about what Quakers are doing in the world.

This is the last of this series. Maybe our title should actually be joining and belonging – you come along, you are brought to Meeting, you join. You then become part of what is happening, and a sense of belonging, hopefully, can grow - depending on welcome, what is offered and then maybe, later (or sooner) you join again more formally... if asked or encouraged. Maybe there should be more freedom to talk with children about formal joining and membership. What could make it easier? This issue offers all sorts of ways into these questions and ideas. 

 Issue 26: Belonging and Joining, part 2
 Issue 26: Additional Resurces

In this, and the next issue, we offer ways to enable children, and adults,to explore and express belonging and joining. How are we, of any age, part of a people of God? What does that mean for what we actually do? 

 Issue 25: Belonging and Joining, part 1
 Issue 25: Additional Resources

This issue contains further examples of Quaker work in South Asia to help children, and the adults working with them, hear about a world beyond their normal experience and give opportunities to empathise with the lives of others.

 Issue 24: Quaker Work in South Asia, part 2
 Issue 24: Additional Resources

In our meetings for worship and private times with God, we receive an idea of how the world should be. We become clear that we should treat all things with care, respect, and fairness. We shouldn’t hurt or kill each other. This issue gives ways to learn about, practice, and wonder about being nonviolent and changing the world. 

 Issue 23: Nonviolence Training for Children
 Issue 23: Additional Resources

This is part one of an inspiring and beautiful account of a huge programme of nonviolence supported by Quakers, other churches and faith traditions. 

 Issue 22: Quaker Work in South Asia, part 1
 Issue 22: Additional Resources

What is Advices and Queries?
How can children find out about it and 
engage in it

This offers a variety of ways into Advices and Queries.

 Issue 21: Advices and Queries
 Issue 21: Additional Resources

Many people have had the experience of dealing with the use and abuse of power. Children often have experience of being bullied or of being bullies. This is not a comfortable subject but this issue approaches it with sensitivity and practical ideas.

 Issue 20: Stopping Bullying, some Quaker ways
 Issue 20: Additional Resources

There was a country in South-East Europe called Yugoslavia. It was like a puzzle - lots of different peoples speaking different languages and going to different churches and mosques. It broke into 7 small countries including Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. There were lots of horrible wars. This tells some of the story of how Quakers helped with peace and friendship building after the war. 

 Issue 19: Quaker Work in post-Yugoslav Countries
 Issue 19: Additional Resources

This issue explores how Quakers make decisions. It is intended as an introduction to the Quaker Business Method, the practice of discernment, and Meetings for Clearness, as well as thinking about why Quakers make decisions in this way. It can help develop and encourage children’s participation. 

 Issue 18: Listen, Hear, and Act
 Issue 18: Additional Resources

This issue is different. It offers children’s meeting, a whole meeting, or a group of meetings, ways to learn about, and explore, Israel /Palestine together. It is bold and reflects the intention of Journeys in the Spirit: to make difficult issues accessible to Friends of all ages. 

 Issue 17: Israel/Palestine
 Issue 17: Additional Resources

What do you understand prayer to be? How do you do it? Is it for the benefit of the Divine, other people, or ourselves? How can you enable children to gain an understanding of what prayer is?

 Issue 16: Prayer
 Issue 16: Additional Resources

This is about the work of Phaphama Initiatives. 'Phaphama' is a Zulu word meaning ‘wake up to the world around us’. The work is described by a young Quaker worker on placement with Phaphama Initiatives.

 Issue 15: Quaker Work in South Africa
 Issue 15: Additional Resources

What happens in meeting for worship?
This gives ways to help talk with children about meeting for worship. It can help build understanding and participation.

 Issue 14: What is Meeting for Worship?
 Issue 14: Additional Resources

This issue offers stories about young Quakers who work in peace and social justice organisations in the UK. This can be eye-opening and inspiring for children (and adults!). 

 Issue 13: Peace Work in the UK
 Issue 13: Additional Resources

Our pattern of silent worship stems from  the belief that anyone can meet with God wherever there is stillness and an open heart. This offers lots of ways to aid and develop children’s practice of stilling, centring, and reflecting.

 Issue 12: Stilling, Centring, and Listening Inwardly
 Issue 12: Additional Resources

What does ‘QUNO’ do?
This issue helps children find out about some of the groundbreaking, and sometimes difficult or painful, work that QUNO does. It is one of the first issues of Journeys in the Spirit to present challenging information in ways accessible to children.

 Issue 11: Quaker United Nations Office
 Issue 11: Additional Resources

This issue is based on an exploration of an oft-quoted saying of George Fox: 

"Be patterns, be examples in all countries, places, islands, nations, wherever you come, that your carriage and life may preach among all sorts of people, and to them; then you will come to walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone."

 Issue 10: Walk Cheerfully
 Issue 10: Additional Resources

An introduction to this series that explores Quaker faith and religiouspractice in meeting for worship and out in the world. 

 Issue 9: Quakers, a people of God
 Issue 9: Additional Resources
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 2: Quaker Testimonies

The second series of the Children's Work edition of Journeys in the Spirit focuses on exploring Quaker testimonies with children.

A commitment to peace is important to Quakers. It is felt to be the right, and only way, to affirm the humanity in every person, even people we don’t like, or who have committed cruel and violent acts. This can be hard to explore with children. This issue offers a variety of ways to dig into the testimony and explore personal and corporate Quaker witness. Suitable for different ages.

 Issue 8: Peace
 Issue 8: Additional Resources

This issue uses a mixture of Bible, Quaker, and other stories to help children consider what this testimony means, both in general and personally. How do you listen for what is true?

 Issue 7: Truth and Integrity
 Issue 7: Additional Resources

EarlyQuakers had a strong sense of unity with nature, and modern Quakers have responded to the increasing threats to the natural world with a growing sense of love and care for the whole of the creation. This issue uses four different creatures to help explore this testimony without beingfrightening. 

 Issue 6: Sustainability
 Issue 6: Additional Resources

The Quaker testimony to equality is grounded in our own experience of being loved and valued by God for who we are. This issue has all sorts of different ways to encourage children to think about equality, diversity, and its joys and difficulties. 

 Issue 5: Equality
 Issue 5: Additional Resources

This offers ways to work with children on finding out howto think about simplicity, and how to make time and space in our lives for what is really important. 

 Issue 4: Simplicity
 Issue 4: Additional Resources
Journeys in the Spirit: Children’s Work Edition
Series 1: Inward, Outward, Upward, Downward

The first series of the Children's Work edition of Journeys in the Spirit focuses on exploring spirituality with children. There are four directions to our spiritual journey: inwards to ourselves; outwards to others; upwards or further inwards towards God, the deeper mystery; downwards to the world we live in.

Children often have a natural wonder and love for the world. This issue explores ways to express that and open it out: to value creation and the earth, to understand the way in which the environment is being hurt, and to consider how the earthcan be helped. 

 Issue 3: The Downwards
 Issue 3: Additional Resources

This focuses on some of the biggest questions:
“What is the deeper mystery?”
“What do I mean by the word God?”
“What is life about?”
“What am I here for?”

 Issue 2: The Upwards
 Issue 2: Additional Resources

This offers ways to work with children to think about their place in relationship to the people in their lives. What is important to them? To whom are they important?

 Issue 1: The Outwards
 Issue 1: Additional Resources

This issue offers ways to explore and develop a language about self, feelings, and even soul, in a mixture of light-hearted and serious ways. 

 Issue 0: The Inwards
 Issue 0: Additional Resources