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Working with young people 12 to 18 years

Sharing our journeys

This pack contains a variety of activities which enable young Quakers and adult Friends to explore their spirituality in a Quaker context, to share their spiritual journeys and think about and articulate their beliefs and their values. It gives opportunities to discover by sharing together what Quakerism means to them and to other people.

Either download  or for paper copies please contact  020 7663 1013 or email

Ways to Connect

The Ways to connect cards are based on the ‘How to’ resources produced by Friends General Conference (FGC), and are reproduced with the kind permission of the Clerks of the Youth Ministries Committee, FGC (USA).
The aim of these ‘ways to connect’ cards are to promote and develop the way you think about the place of young Friends (from the ages of 12 and above) in your local meeting. There are eight subject areas in ways to connect:
· engage in intergenerational conversations
· communicate in ways that include young Friends
· integrate young Friends into meeting
· include young Friends on committees
· plan an intergenerational event
· stay in touch with young Friends
· Quaker practices that might be helpful to young Friends
· young Friends are vital to the Religious Society of Friends

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Find out more
Friends that want to develop the life of their community could find intergenerational activities helpful use Journeys in the Spirit special edition: ‘Connecting as a Community’. This edition provides a range of ideas on how to develop relationships and make links with each other and with young Friends. Follow this , then choose ‘Connecting as a community’.

Journeys in the Spirit: Youth Edition

The youth work edition of Journeys in the Spirit provides a range of ideas to use with 12 to 18 year olds in a Quaker context. It offers activities for one-off sessions or weekends and comes out three times a year. Some suggestions are made about age suitability. Timings are not stated, as this will depend on the group and how the activities are used. Each issue explores a theme.

Journeys in the Spirit is offered with the intention of providing an opportunity for exploring, creating and learning in an atmosphere of worship on our shared journey in the spirit. There are four directions to our spiritual journey: inwards to ourselves; outwards to others; upwards (or is it further inwards?) towards the deeper mystery; downwards to the world we live in.

This resource comes out threee times a year and a free to subscribe to. Further infomation can be found

Quaker Youth Work Handbook

The revised handbook published in February 2010, is available to Friends and to meetings, contact 020 7663 1013 or email  for a copy.

Spiritual Development

This new booklet explores our understanding of Spiritual Development and how this affects our work with young people. It offers a model of spiritual development and practical ideas of ways to work with young people that will help facilitate their spiritual journeys.

For copies please contact 020 7663 1013 or email

Living as a Quaker

Living as a Quaker is a six session programme providing facilitators with all they need to support young people exploring their Quaker identity, beliefs, values and interactions with others. The first two sessions consider Quakerism, exploring young people’s understanding of their values and beliefs and of the Testimonies. The following two sessions are an opportunity for participants to consider how they behave in groups, exploring ways to develop their interpersonal skills. The programme concludes with a session that identifies ways of communicating Quakerism, and a final session where participants can identify support structures within the groups and networks they are a part of.

This resource is available in hard copy format – please contact         020 7663 1013 or or you can download individual sessions and the corresponding resources .

Relationships, sex and sexuality

The Quaker Life Working Group on Young People and Relationships and Sexuality have been developing new materials for working with Quaker young people on the issue of sex, sexuality and relationships. The Group aims to encourage Meetings, Link groups and young people's events to engage in this topic with young people and help them develop meaningful and safe relationships. They also hope that this topic will provide a means for young people to think about their spirituality and help them connect to Quakers though a topic that is important to them.

I'm a Quaker - this is why

The I'm a Quaker - this is why resouce is aimed at young Quakers who want to

give information to their friends about Quakerism. It was written in consultation with y oung people and a partnership project between the Children and Young People's team and Outreach team both based in Quaker Life.

The resource is avalible in hard copy as a fold out leaflet by contacting 020 7663 1013 or

Quakers: a guide for young people

This leaflet gives an overview of Quakerism and is aimed at Quaker young people.

The leaflet includes explenations about different aspects of Quakerism as well as reflective images.

This leaflet is free and can be ordered by contacting 020 7663 1013 or

Quakers in Britain. Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ