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Working with children 0 to 12 years

If you would like a paper copy of any of these resources please contact: CYP Administrator on 0207 663 1013 or at

Journeys in the Spirit

This is a resource providing  materials  for adult Quakers working with children  aged  5 - 12 in Quaker  Meetings, all age  events, residential gatherings and  camps. It comes out every  month and is free  by subscription. to go to  Journeys in the Spirit webpage. Click access a special issue of Journeys in  the Spirit for working with children aged 0 to 4.

Being Ready for Children

This is a guide about being ready for children in Quaker meetings where,   as yet, there is not a children’s meeting for worship, where children are not regular or even occasional visitors with their families.

The message of this guide is simple – it is important to be ready for  children. It will answer four questions:
Why be ready? What does a meeting need to do to be ready? What a does meeting need to have to be ready? What might you do to engage with families and children?

The booklet can be downloaded

Journeys in the Spirit for 0 - 4 year olds

This special edition offers things to do to help volunteers working with our youngest Friends.

Quaker meeting and me.

This booklet is intended to help children find a way into Quaker meeting for worship. As we can't see what goes on in other people's minds during meeting, we have used images from a garden to illustrate its different aspects.

This book can be used as a starting point for conversation between children and adults, and also as a focus to help children settle and centre during meeting for worship.

To request a booklet please email or phone 0207 663 1013

What about the children in our meeting?

This is a new edition that aims to help a meeting review, reconsider and set realistic plans for its work with children. Short, simply written and practical to use, you can download this leaflet in its pdf format so that you can save a copy to print for your own use or copies are available from the Children and Young People's Work team, using the contact details given above. The main document is accompanied by 2 worksheets; use these together for the complete package.

Building our Children's Meeting, how to do it.

This is an exploration of the elements of children’s meeting for worship together with lots of suggestions of things to do and approaches to take.

Way of the Child

The ‘Way of the Child’ is an approach to children’s work that has children’s innate spirituality at its heart.

For an example of this approach, go to the Journeys in the Spirit archive, and click on Issues 35 and 40, both links for each issue. From the section entitled Gather through to Reflect are examples of using the ‘Way of the Child" in a Quaker setting.

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