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Ways of Working - Philosophy for Communities for Quakers - 1. Introduction to the resource pack Cat No. WOW6P1
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1. Introduction to the resource pack

Philosophy for Communities for Quakers

Philosophy for Communities is a way of creating a community of enquiry to think and reason together. It provides a group with a structure to participate in rigorous discussion about questions that matter. Equality, integrity and authenticity are core to the method.

This resource pack consists of eight sections which together give you an introduction to the approach, its relevance in a Quaker setting, and practical information about facilitating a P4C enquiry. It was developed by Rosie Carnall as part of her Eva Koch scholarship at Woodbrooke in 2018. It aims to provide experienced Quaker facilitators with an accessible introduction to making using of P4C in the Quaker context. It is recommended to experience taking part in an enquiry before facilitating one ā€“ email to find out more about opportunities to do this.
ā€œP4Cā€ is used interchangeably for Philosophy for Communities or Children throughout.


An introduction to 'Philosophy for Communities: a resource pack for Quakers'

Ways of Working