Being Friends Together

Please select from list below


Options involving learning through doing something active together.


Options involving a creative process such as drawing, painting, collage and craft.


Options offering a discussion on a topic, with a range of stimulus materials.

External event or course

Options where suggestions are made of external events or courses that link with the topic.

External speaker or input

Options where you are invited to book a speaker as part of your learning session.

Food, fun and fellowship

Options involving the sharing of stories or companionship, meetings for eating and fun activities.

Reading, listening or watching

Options where resources are offered for you to read, listen to or watch.

Sharing and exploring as a group

Opportunities for you to share reflectively with one another and explore your understanding and experience of the topic together.

Worship, spiritual practice and reflection

Experiences of worship, spiritual practice and prayer, sometimes with an invitation to share something of your experience with others.