Being Friends Together


We are delighted to launch a new pathway on Simplicity, using learning resources created for us by Anne de Gruchy.

The Reading Quaker faith & practice Spring 2017 pathway is now available as a free download. Just click the link. The Autumn/Winter 2015/16Spring/Summer 2016 and Autumn/Winter 2016/17 pathways are also still available.

Journeys in the Spirit: is now part of Being Friends Together, please access the online catalogue. Select the edition that suits you and then select the appropriate link to download the issue you require. If you can’t find what you are looking for contact

Welcome to Being Friends Together!

Being Friends Together offers Quaker meetings a fresh way of approaching their ongoing development as living communities of faithful people.

It is packed with

  • activities and ideas from previous Quaker learning projects
  • some newly written and recorded material
  • suggestions for useful websites, courses and actions that meetings can engage with

so we hope that there will be something here to suit every meeting’s interests and preferences! It also offers a simple discernment process to help meetings identify where they would like to focus their energy and attention first, supported by optional visits from experienced Friends or do-it-yourself guidance on the website.

Supporting You in Your Learning

Being Friends Together has been developed by Woodbrooke and Quaker Life to help Friends in meetings to:

  • develop spiritually, both as individuals and meetings
  • learn about aspects of the Quaker and Christian traditions
  • develop and express their sense of Quaker identity
  • grow as communities
  • feel supported to live out Quaker testimony in their lives and localities
  • integrate all generations into the life of meetings