Being Friends Together

Using this Resource

Using this resource

Getting started with Being Friends Together involves doing a little bit of exploring, so that you can plan your meeting's learning in a way that fits your needs best. There are many different 'ways in' to Being Friends Together: follow one of the ready-made pathways which offer linked learning sessions on a specific topic, search for a single learning session using keywords, or check out the featured activity. You can also find any pathway, session or individual resource by searching for its catalogue number.

Once you have explored the resource a little, your meeting may find it helpful to work with the Being Friends Together discernment process as a framework for deciding where it wants to focus its energy first.

Ways of working

Before you start thinking about the shape or content of your learning sessions, why not look at our ways of working area, which gives guidance on working with groups, practical preparations and reflective processes such as worship sharing. It also has outlines for suggested introductory and concluding sessions for any learning journey. You'll always find ways of working in the menu on the left of each page.

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Ready-made pathways

The Being Friends Together pathways are organised within four themes:

  • growing as community together
  • deepening the life of the Spirit together
  • exploring our living tradition together
  • being in the world together

There are several pathways within each theme. View or download a full list of pathways here.

Each pathway is made up of a number of linked steps designed to help you progress in your learning about the topic, with several options for learning activities at each step. Some options will be more suited to adults working alone, some to children, and some for all ages together, so you can choose what suits your meeting. And you can always choose to do more than one learning activity from a particular step...

You can search the pathways by:

  • what you would like to focus on - a theme
  • how you would like to learn together - a learning approach
  • who is in your group - the people, for example adults or all age, newcomers or experienced Friends

First select a theme that interests you in the first search box, then it's up to you whether you add filters for 'how' and 'who'.

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A keyword search for single learning sessions

An alternative approach to accessing the Being Friends Together database is to do a keyword-based search. You can use this approach to find sessions on anything from George Fox to contemplative prayer, from peace action to all age worship. Whether you want something for a one-off study group session or are planning to put together your own learning pathway of several linked sessions, this search will help you find something interesting!

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Featured activity

If you select featured activity from the menu on the left of each page, you will find a learning activity selected from Being Friends Together which is available to download free of charge to subscribers and non-subscribers alike. This might be helpful for those times when you have to find something to do with a study group or after a shared lunch at short notice.

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Catalogue numbers

Each pathway, session and individual resource has its own unique catalogue number, displayed in the top right corner of the screen (and included in option titles). So, if you are looking for something that you have used before or following a recommendation from a friend, you can also search by catalogue number.

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