Being Friends Together

Discernment Process

A brief discernment process

Being Friends Together offers a simple process to help you reflect on where you are as a meeting and identify where you would like to focus your energy and attention when planning your meeting’s learning. There are two ways of engaging with this simple discernment process:

Whichever approach you choose, the aim of the process is to support you in

  • identifying existing strengths and commitments in your meeting, as well as any areas that are more challenging
  • identifying those aspects of the meeting’s life which you want to pay attention to, work you want to develop, or the things in which you want to invest time, energy and attention, as well as anything you want to lay down or do less of – in other words, your meeting’s vision for future growth and development
  • getting to know the Being Friends Together online resource

A visit

This would involve a pair of experienced Friends supporting your meeting in its engagement with Being Friends Together, which could include

  • getting together with a small group to explore the online resource
  • coming to your meeting to facilitate a session (usually one day in length) to help you work through the discernment process

These Friends can also offer the option of a continuing, supportive relationship with your meeting should you wish, the purpose of which would be to encourage and support you in any further discernment and in taking the next steps. This would be negotiated with you so that there is clear agreement about the length of the arrangement, the preferred means of contact (eg. face to face, email or telephone), and the number of any visits.

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A brief do-it-yourself discernment process

We have also created a simple do-it-yourself version of the Being Friends Together discernment process for you to work through as a meeting.

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